Monstrum is my senior thesis film at San Francisco State University. I wrote, produced and directed this film. I also did all of the post-production work on it. 

Anatomy of a Typical Motion Picture is a film that I wrote, directed and stared in with my wife Melanie. I shot this film when I was at SFSU. I also did all of the post-production work. 


Leap is a project I did for PictureLab. I was the sound mixer and recorded all of the actors dialog. I did not record the voice over. Checkout for more information about this company.

Vampire vs. Witch is a film I directed while attending Diablo Valley College. I shot this film with two actors in Martinez, CA at the Alhambra cemetery and did all of the post-production work on it as well. 

Street of Crocodiles is a film by The Brothers Quay. I used this video clip for a foley and sound design project. Javier and I did the foley work together at SFSU’s foley stage. I did all of the sound design for the final clip. 

Untitled Strike Documentary: A Mockumentary is a film that I co-starred in. I was also the production sound mixer, sound designer and did the final editing after the assembly edit was put together. 

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