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Finding a good audio op is not that easy. You want someone who is on their game, but able to be a quiet presence. You want someone flexible and low maintenance, but willing to speak up if things aren't right...and Wiley is these things and much more!


After finding Wiley through a personal referral, I booked him for an important multi day shoot. We threw some last minute stuff at him, more than a few curveballs, and he handled it all with aplomb and professionalism. I would highly recommend him for any shoot big or small, he's a pro and great to work with.

Joel Janecek

Producer/Account Exec.

Blare Media 

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I've had the pleasure of working with Wiley on multiple productions on different capacities and here's what I have to say about him: He is reliable, smart, punctual, an incredible team player and always delivers consistent, high quality results. He is passionate about sound mixing and design, and therefore gives a hundred percent into his work because he cares. I especially love working with Wiley because he is never complacent and he brings balance to the team with his cool and calm demeanor. A true professional and an essential part of the team.

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