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Coronavirus COVID-19 Safety Precautions 

During this turbulent time, staying safe in the workplace is of paramount importance to me. Because of this, I have adopted safety procedures in accordance with CDC and OSHA guidelines. 


The following are safety procedures and guideline I have adopted that are specific to

sound mixing and production.

  • I wear a mask at all times on set. Meal times are the only exception to this.

  • I usually wear a hat and gloves in addition to a mask.

  • I will set up my recording equipment at least 6-feet from any other crewmembers, if possible.

  • I practice social distancing while on set as much as possible. 

  • I clean my lavaliere microphones and wireless body packs before and after every use. 

  • If possible, I will instruct talent how to lav mic themselves in order to maintain social distancing. 

  • I clean and disinfect any and all gear that may come into contact with someone else, whenever possible. 

  • I use hand sanitizer frequently and wash my hands as often as possible on set. 

  • In the event that I get sick, I will contact the appropriate crewmember as soon as possible. I will also attempt to locate another professional sound mixer, if possible.


As more precautions are developed by the CDC and OSHA, I will add to and/or amend my Coronavirus safety measures, as necessary.  


My goal is always to get the client the very best audio recordings possible. Now, in addition, my goal is to do that as safely as possible in the age of Coronavirus. 


I’m Vaccinated and Boosted


On April 1st, 2021 I received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine that protects against the Coronavirus, COVID-19.


I received a Pfizer booster in August, 2021.

I also received a Moderna booster in April, 2022.

I am happy to show you my COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card upon request.


To find out more about COVID-19 please go to:


To register for the vaccine, please go to:

I'm Vaccinated
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